Guided Tour: More Information

When clicking on the More Information button on the welcome screen, the readme file will be opened.

If it is an ordinary plain text file (.txt) or rich text file (.rtf), it will be opened inside DeployMaster, like you can see in the screen shot. Clicking the back button brings the user back to the welcome screen.

If you use another kind of file for the readme file, like a WinHelp file or an HTML file, it will be opened in the appropriate external program. That is, the application associated with the file type of the readme file. A .html file will be opened in the default browser, a PDF file in Adobe Reader, etc. When the readme file is closed, the welcome screen will still be visible.

Unlike some other installation tools, DeployMaster offers to show the readme file before the installation, and not afterwards when all the installation tips in the readme file are no longer of any use. When creating installers for trial versions, this is an extra opportunity to encourage the user to actually install the trial.

Easily Build User-Friendly Installers with DeployMaster