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If you have already purchased DeployMaster, you can download the latest version by typing in your email address and DeployMaster user ID below. If you lost your user ID, type in your email address and leave the user ID field blank. You will then receive an email message with your user ID.

Otherwise, buy DeployMaster now! for US$ 99. Our three-month unconditional money-back guarantee allows you to evaluate the full software risk-free for three months.

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Version 7.3.0, released 4 January 2024. The size of the download is 10 MB. Check the release notes to learn what’s new in this release.

Free Evaluation Download

If you would like to give DeployMaster a first hand try, feel free to download the free evaluation version. Obviously, we have used DeployMaster itself to package DeployMaster. The trial version is fully functional and does not expire. You are welcome to use it to create a real installation program and fully test the result.

The only limitation is that the setup applications created with the free trial version will contain a friendly reminder screen saying that you are not allowed to distribute these setups.

The trial version is fully compatible with the full version of DeployMaster. After buying DeployMaster, you can use the full version to instantly rebuild the setup you created with the trial version.

Download DeployMaster Free Trial (10 MB). Version 7.3.0, released 4 January 2024.


Both the purchased and free evaluation downloads include full documentation as a help file. Press F1 while using DeployMaster to bring it up. The help file explains all of DeployMaster’s features in detail.

If you want a printable manual, you can download the DeployMaster manual in PDF format. It contains the same text as the help file.

If you just want to have a look at the documentation without downloading anything, you can read the DeployMaster user’s guide on this website.