DeployMaster Language Pack

While DeployMaster itself is available in English only, you can use it to build setup packages in whichever language you want. You can translate all the text used by the setup program yourself, or download the language files kindly provided by other DeployMaster users.

Download the DeployMaster Language Pack (updated 18 May 2016). Extract the .language files you want into DeployMaster’s user data folder. If you installed DeployMaster 6 by clicking the Immediate Installation button, then that folder is C:\ProgramData\Just Great Sofware\DeployMaster. Clicking Advanced Installation allows you to change the folder. For older versions of DeployMaster, that folder is %APPDATA%\JGsoft\DeployMaster. The next time you run DeployMaster, the new languages will be available.

If the language you want is not available here, remember that you can easily do your own translation with DeployMaster. (The demo version is sufficient.) If you do make your own translation, please email the new .language file to and it will be added to the language pack.

Standard languages are those which are included with the latest version DeployMaster itself.

A few languages have two language files, where the second one is indicated with “2”. Both translations are functionally identical. They were made by different translators, with a different choice of words.

Languages currently availableTranslated byStandard
CatalàJesús MorenoNo
DanskJoergen LarsenNo
DeutschThomas DöhlerNo
EnglishJan GoyvaertsNo
EspañolMartin HartNo
FrançaisGeorges SchreyerNo
Français 2Corneel B.A. SpilNo
ItalianoMarco CaraiNo
NederlandsJan GoyvaertsYes
NorskRune HansenNo
PolskiJan RomanskiNo
Português (Brasil)Euler GermanNo
RomanianAlexandru Bogdan MunteanuNo
SlovakJuraj KubicaNo
SwedishBjorn LindahlNo