DeployMaster Testimonials—These People Know The Importance of a Good First Impression

Paul Symonds

“Many years ago I purchased your EditPad Pro, HelpScribble and DeployMaster and they are really great packages to use. I am an embedded systems design engineer by profession so generally don’t do PC-based applications, but when I need to, I use Embarcadero’s C++ Builder along with HelpScribble and DeployMaster and everything just works beautifully.”

28 June 2023, Australia

Roger Brownlee

“I installed DeployMaster a few days ago and also obtained a digital signature file and all is working well. Very easy software to use, whereas the Wise that I was using was very chunky and confusing. I look forward to version 6.”

18 February 2016, Australia

Dave Mascaro

“OMG. I struggled with the 90’s Microsoft VB installer for many years. Finally after a Windows 8 update, the VB Install Wizard quit working. It was so old that it really didn’t work well with the new OS’s anyway.”

“DeployMaster was so easy to learn and it works so seamlessly to distribute my software. I also use EditPad Pro and HelpScribble. The three of these apps are awesome. There is a lot of talent behind all of the Just Great Software apps.”

29 February 2016, Pennsylvania, USA

Charles Collins

“Thanks for providing such an elegant and complete system for building my setup programs! I tried several others, and only yours does *everything* necessary in a simple, easy to understand format.”

9 June 2014, Texas, USA

Stephen Cheek

“I have used DeployMaster for distributing my applications for over 10 years, and I just love it!”

6 December 2011, United Kingdom

Kirk Hodges

“I purchased DeployMaster yesterday. Within 15 minutes, I had a great looking installer working and I’ve already received compliments on how nice ‘my’ installer is. Thank you!”

22 February 2010, Texas, USA

Jim Rao

“Deploymaster has never failed me in any way over the years that I have been using it. Simply stated, it has made deployment much more clear and easy.”

28 May 2009, The Netherlands

Chuck Armstrong

“You have really done a sweet job on DeployMaster. I have been using an old version of Installshield and DeployMaster really makes it look like an antique.”

9 February 2009, California, USA

Jack Dolby

“Your installer tells me that the new version will overlay the old. With so many programs I use, I may or may not have to uninstall the old version first BUT the software or web page does not tell me which case applies. You make it easy to do right.

“Thanks for the extra effort!”

4 March 2007, Virginia, USA

Richard Stephens

“DeployMaster is a very nice product. I have been moving away from InstallShield to your product, mainly because of its ease-of-use.”

13 July 2003, Minnesota, USA

Jon Winter

“Just purchased your DeployMaster software and wanted to drop you a note on how great it is to use software that is simple to use yet does a fantastic job. We also develop software and our latest project is a contact manager for college and minor league sports teams. Our concern was a easy to use deployment solution. After testing your software this morning the purchase decision was easy.”

“I just emailed my installation file to a consultant friend of mine who is working on this software project with me and he installed the application without any problems. His suggestion was to purchase it ASAP.”

“In the past we have used Install Maker. Yours does everything we need it too do at lower cost and much easier.”

“I work with other developers and will recommend your product to them.”

Jon Winter,

3 March 2003, Wisconsin, USA

Brian Culverwell

“I have been evaluating your DeployMaster product and I am very impressed. As an avid user of your HelpScribble product, I was expecting the normal high standard of work in the DeployMaster product and you did not disappoint. I have been using the standard InstallShield Express that came with the Delphi 5 enterprise package, but I find your utility to be much more user friendly and powerful. The Auto-registration of extensions is a very nice feature - I had to build that into my executables before.”

23 September 2002, United Kingdom

Euler German

“I’m amazed with this marvelous tool that is DeployMaster. It goes far beyond my expectations and I’m quite sure that it is one of the best installers ever [made]. Surely is the best one that came to my hands -- you can take my word!”

17 June 2001, Brazil

Roger Ash

“I used DeployMaster for years, and then switched (for various reasons) to another installation package generator. I’ve now switched back again, and love the fact that it can sign itself and the various components to be deployed. With the previous package, I always needed to remember to sign the applications first, and then the installer itself.”

8 February 2016, United Kingdom; customer since 2001

JT Bernert

“We started using both DeployMaster and HelpScribble last year and they have both been excellent. Your programs are reliable, simple to use and well-supported. Thanks.”

21 January 2016, Georgia, USA

James Mandeville

“Really good installer. I have found nothing on the market to beat DeployMaster for ease of use, good instructions, and a fair price for what is obviously quality coding. If someone with my level of technical understanding can use the installer it must be pretty fool proof :)”

14 December 2011, United Kingdom

Charles Collins

After struggling with InnoSetup, it is a pleasure to use an interface that does not require a new programming mindset and has documentation other than short clips with sarcastic comments from a support team that evidently does not want to share their experience and knowledge. I program in Delphi, support legacy apps on a mainframe and started programming in 1971 on mainframes. It is great to see that sequential flow still can be produced and understood in the PC world.”

2 August 2010, Texas, USA

David Goadby

“A very big thank you for your responses to my questions. I can assure you that they are much appreciated. You are to be congratulated on your excellent customer support.”

4 March 2009, United Kingdom

Tim Seyfarth

“I have been using your products for quite some time now and have never had a problem with them! They really are excellent!”

31 January 2009, Arizona, USA

Burt Pierce

“I just wanted to let you know that your product has been a real blessing for me. It’s much easer to use than anything I’ve found and it is at a much better price for me. I’m very satisfied.”

Burt Pierce,

14 May 2003, Washington, USA

Richard L. Messeder

“I really like this product. I’m glad that I decided to test it rather than upgrade my InstallShield.”

6 May 2002, USA

Jim Wear

“I debated with my business partner on whether to purchase your software DeployMaster, but am I ever glad I did! I downloaded the evaluation version and created an install program that is tailored for my subscribers to After purchasing the software, I immediately fine-tuned the install program I created with the eval and made it available on my site and contacted my subscribers. Within one hour I had my investment in your software back and in one night made $400 profit!!! THANK YOU!”

12 November 2002, North Carolina, USA

Richard Wilson

“I am a constant user of EditPad Pro - it’s great. Whenever I get round to writing that Help file I should have done ages ago it is always HelpScribble I turn to. I’ve just upgraded to 6.02 and am looking forward to using is. HelpScribble is excellent.

“While I am still currently using GPInstall for creating my installation I have just downloaded and tried out the trial version of 2.1 DeployMaster and I have to say you are tempting me to spend more money with you! I particularly LOVE the ability to bring in a whole file tree. I suggested you made it easier to bring in a whole directory of files but the file tree option is even better (and tempting]). I really want to say well done!

“Also just to let you know that I created my test deploy by just working left to right across the tabs without looking at any help file whatsoever (nothing against your help - everything for the logical layout of DeployMaster) Now if I can make my own applications as easy to use…….

“(I guess the one advantage I have over my users is that I do understand the process of creating an installation - but you done and excellent job in making DeployMaster so straightforward to use - now to have a look at Support.dpr - and check the cash flow to see WHEN I can buy DeployMaster)”

4 September 2001, Australia

Roger Ash

“Just the other day I purchased HelpScribble and was so impressed, I thought I’d look at some of your other products. I Now purchased DeployMaster. It allows me to use a single script to produce our installation CD. Previously, we used an AutoMenu Script to select between 3 InstallShield Scripts. Not only does it save a lot of time, but it reduces the likelihood of errors. Also by splitting the deployment into 1.4 meg chunks, we can easily offer it from our (non-resume-capable) ftp server.

“Thanks for two great products!”

10 April 2001, United Kingdom


I am sure you understand the importance of delivering your software with a good first impression to your prospects and customers. DeployMaster makes this as easy as it can be.