Video of a Setup Package Built with DeployMaster Being Run by a Computer Novice

This video shows a setup program created with DeployMaster being run by a computer novice, who wants to install the software with a minimum of fuss. One of DeployMaster’s unique capabilities is that it offers the end user the option of installing your software without being asked any technical questions.

In this video the installer was started by a user who does not have administrator privileges and cannot obtain them through elevation. The installer was built with the option to allow an installation for the current user without administrator privileges. In this case an immediate installation installs for the current user without a security prompt.

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Advanced Installation (1′27″). This video shows the same setup program being run by a computer expert, who wants full control over the installation.

Portable Installation (1′19″). This video shows how people who cannot install software on the PC they’re using can still create portable installations of applications packaged with DeployMaster (if that option was enabled when the installer was created).

Building a Setup Package with DeployMaster (13′16″). This video, even if it is less than 15 minutes long, shows all the steps involved in creating a complete installation program with DeployMaster. Creating your own installers will probably take about 15 to 30 minutes.

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