Why Novice Users Like DeployMaster

Users that are relatively new about computers or only put up with them because they have no other choice, will appreciate it if you deliver your software through DeployMaster

Most other installation tools bother everyone with questions like which folder they want to install to, which program group to create, etc. “What do I care?”, thinks Joe User, “I just want to start using this software. Can’t my computer figure out what it needs to do?” Joe User does not care about files or folders. He just wants to get his job done. Installing software becomes a test on how fast he can repeatedly click on a button labeled “Next”.

While it is acceptable to bother people with questions when they are applying for a gun permit, software should be able to figure out all by itself where it is reasonable to install itself. Joe User only wants to see an icon pop up on his desktop that he can click on to run your software. People who buy a computer expect it to help them instead of the other way around. With DeployMaster, Joe User only has to click twice after launching the installation program. He’ll click the default “Immediate Instalation” button, indicating he has no interest in helping the computer keeping its act together. If you supplied a license agreement, he’ll need another click on the “I accept” button. DeployMaster will do the rest.

After Joe User has gained some more experience with computers, he may wish to take an intermediate route. He still does not want to be asked any technical questions, but he does want to select which parts of the application he wants installed, and which not. He can do this by clicking the “Custom Installation” button. This will show up a flat list of components. Clicking on a component will show a detailed description of what purpose it serves, so he can make an educated choice. DeployMaster will automatically keep track of requirements between components, without displaying error messages that humiliate Joe or allowing him to break the integrity of the installation. Components that are required by other components, but only serve a purpose when those components are installed, are not presented to Mr. User as they make no sense to him. If it is not an option, it is not presented.

It gets even better. The first time around, Joe User will probably just select the fast and painless install, not changing the component selection. Later on, after having spent some time with your software, he feels a need to install an optional component that’s not installed by default. Or, if your package installs everything by default, he may want to uninstall a piece of your software he does not use to free up some disk space (he will need some when you release your next killer app). Traditional installation tools only offer the nuke’n’resurrect option: uninstall everything and then reinstall those pieces you need, probably with several reboots in-between. Not so with DeployMaster! Running the installation program a second time, without first uninstalling, will present the same Custom Installation button and it will then update the installation. It will remove what is no longer desired and add what has been newly selected.

In sharp contrast with Joe User’s need, John Geek wants full control of what happens to his computer. Learn why advanced users like DeployMaster.