Why Advanced Users Like DeployMaster

Advanced computer users often really dislike installation software. The main reason is that the software messes with the system behind the user’s back. The user is dissatisfied because he loses control and garbage is piling up in the \Windows and \Windows\System folders.

The first thing John Geek will do when installing a DeployMaster-delivered application, is click the “Advanced Installation” button.

First he can select the folders the software should be installed in, either by typing them in directly or by selecting it from a tree view, accessible through the ellipsis (...) buttons. DeployMaster will not be so rude as to ask if the folder should be created, if it does not yet exist. John Geek knows what he wants: a new folder for a new application.

Next John Geek will see a list of file associations the setup program is told to register by the developer (you) and he gets the chance to disable any or all of them. Chances are that he already has associated one or more file types with his favorite software, and does not want to change those. (At least not until he finds out that your software is much better.) And if he does allow file associations to be changed, he will be glad that upon uninstallation, the original associations will be automatically restored.

Then the component selection screen appears, but it is slightly different from the one Joe User sees. First, components that are not user-selectable are also listed. DeployMaster will still pay attention to the fact that some components require others, and enforce those selections, but John Geek will see (and understand) what is going on. Also, at the bottom a checkbox now appears. When checked, the component list will be expanded into a tree showing each and every file that will be installed. So if a particular piece of software thinks it can use his \Windows folder as a trash can, John Geek will be warned and probably hit the Abort button before any modifications have been made to his system. DeployMaster allows him to confirm that your application behaves properly and that there is no risk installing it.

When the installation is finished, DeployMaster saves a deployment log in the folder where the application was installed. Any installation tool with an uninstall facility does this. However, with DeployMaster, the installation log is a plain text file that John Geek can inspect, even a long time after the installation. And its format is documented.